My team

I am very grateful for the dedicated, responsible and articulate support of my team! These are the people at my side in Lower Saxony and Brussels.

I have Lower Saxony at heart because it's just the right mixture of rugged mountains, rough seas, flowering heaths, stiff breezes and dry humour.

Sinje Rohwedder
European Office Manager – Lower Saxony

I have Europe in mind because it has so many languages, cultures and lifestyles to offer. So much diversity in such a small area never fails to impress me.

Anastasija Ore 

Office Manager – Brussels

Speaker for the Committee on Women’s Rights and Gender Equality

I have Europe in mind because it's like no other.

Lucas Reichel
Brussels Officer for the committees on Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs, Agriculture and Rural Development and Regional Development

I have Lower Saxony at heart because Germany's most lovable state offers everything from innovations to breathtaking nature – and because the north is simply more beautiful than anywhere else.

Luisa Schiffner
Social Media – Brussels


Are you interested in the political work of the European Union? Would you like to learn more about the job of an MEP? Apply now for an internship!

As a member of my team, you support me in my daily work in the European Parliament. Your duties will include regular administrative tasks as well as preparing and following up on the content of committee meetings.

Please send your application to my constituency office in Gifhorn