Currently you only see a selection of my German statements. Shortly you will also get a translated insight of news and information about me and my work for the european parliament.

I am also on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter with the latest information. You can visit these social media platforms to conveniently stay up-to-date on what is currently being negotiated and decided in Brussels.

Here’s a brief overview of my daily posts and reports:


I am very grateful for the dedicated, responsible and articulate support of my team! These are the people at my side in Lower Saxony and Brussels.

Politics thrives on sharing information with one another and shaping democracy together. I welcome your questions, criticism and suggestions to make my work for you, for Lower Saxony and for Europe even better and to successfully implement good ideas. Write to me, call me or visit me in my office in Gifhorn during the weeks when the European Parliament is not in session. I look forward to hearing your feedback and talking with you!

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