#local at heart

From coal mining to wind turbines. From university research centres to tiny small villages with only three inhabitants. From industrial location and artificial intelligence research to agricultural region. 

Lower Saxony is a land of contrasts. But we all have one thing in common: despite our northern German reticence, we are warm and loyal. We’re steadfast and down-to-earth – with a clear outlook for the future!

I consider it a great honour and responsibility to represent my homeland in the European Parliament. Many decisions of the European Union affect us directly: How do we want to shape the agriculture of the future? What can we do to counteract climate change? And what support will our region receive for the development of rural areas?

These are just some of the questions that have an impact on Lower Saxony and whose answers are found in Brussels. I am wholeheartedly committed to finding solutions that are beneficial for all sides – including and especially for my home region!

From Harburg to Göttingen

My constituency stretches across the north-east of Lower Saxony, from the Harz mountains to the Lüneburg Heath, across the business centres of Braunschweig and Wolfsburg and to the south to the university city of Göttingen. The total geographical covers about 19,000 km².

All together I represent 18 CDU district associations. On the days when there are no meetings, I like to make appointments locally and am always happy to meet people face-to-face and hear about new ideas.

Quelle: Wikipedia.org | CC BY-SA 3.0

Regional Development Offices

The state of Lower Saxony has created the Regional Development Offices to take care of the diverse interests and specific concerns of our regions: from promoting culture to regional management and land use planning for the construction of important infrastructure projects. This also includes the distribution of EU funds from different funding sources.

In my constituency, the Regional Offices in Braunschweig, Leine-Weser and Lüneburg are responsible for assisting you and answering any questions you may have.

Specific European Union support programmes

Europe must be self-evident. That is how, in my view, the European Union makes the most sense. The EU promotes and supports a large number of projects across all member states and has a very real impact on a local level.

The website what-europe-does-for-me.eu is where you can find information on all European support measures, including those in your region.


Always up-to-date

My newsletter is sent out twice a month to keep you up-to-date on the most important EU debates and decisions in a professionally classified format. I also announce dates and current events in my constituency and highlight interesting interviews.

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European in mind

Europe is an important part of my identity: I see myself as a citizen of Lower Saxony, as a German national and as a European!

Europe is more than a confederation of states that has agreed on values such as equality, freedom and security. Europe is also a philosophy and a way of life!

Politics thrives on sharing information with one another and shaping democracy together. I welcome your questions, criticism and suggestions to make my work for you, for Lower Saxony and for Europe even better and to successfully implement good ideas. Write to me, call me or visit me in my office in Gifhorn during the weeks when the European Parliament is not in session. I look forward to hearing your feedback and talking with you!